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Equitable Claims

Why Pursue Equitable Remedies?Success Looks Different In Every Case

Winning a lawsuit does not always mean winning money. If you are pursuing an equitable claim, you are not seeking compensation in the form of awarded damages. Instead, you are asking the court to elicit or prohibit an event or action. Common equitable remedies include injunction, account of profits, rectification, and equitable estoppel. If you are embarking on an equitable claim, reach out and rest easy knowing your case is in safe and capable hands.

Why Pursue Equitable Remedies?

Sometimes, money is not adequate or appropriate compensation for the aggrieved party. Instead, an action or event is the preferred remedy. For example, a specific performance claim can force the breaching party to deliver services as outlined in a contract. A rescission cancels a contract, leaving all involved free from their contractual responsibilities. A reformation rewrites a contract, allowing each party to modify their obligations. Get the expert guidance you need by contacting our team today.

Understanding the Remedies AvailableUnderstanding The Remedies Available

If you are facing a breach of contract dispute, talk to our team today. There are many equitable remedies to investigate, and our team is prepared to guide you toward your desired outcome. Schedule a consultation, and let’s discuss the unique circumstances surrounding your case.

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