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Your Trusted New York Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is often viewed as a wholly negative experience for many folks. While it is certainly not an ideal situation to find yourself in, it typically does not have to be as frustrating and overwhelming as many folks previously thought. Especially with the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney in the New Hyde Park, New York area, you may find that it can save you a substantial amount of harassment and distress. After all, bankruptcy was established as a way for debtors to find a clean slate and escape possibly insurmountable levels of debt. Additionally, if foreclosure may loom on the horizon, or you have begun to fall behind on payments, do not simply ignore the problem. To find the resources you need to combat a possible foreclosure, contact a foreclosure defense attorney as soon as possible.

By seeking the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in your area, you will find the resources and tools to help you stop the constant harassment from your creditors, possibly defend against an impending foreclosure, and find the light at the end of the tunnel that will give you a fresh start. By working with John Lehr, P.C., Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney, you can rest assured that no matter the situation, you will find the professional and personal support you need when seeking financial relief. With personal care given to every client and over 15 years of experience in helping those clients seek the results they hoped for, you will be in good hands for any of your chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, or civil litigation needs.
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How To File For Bankruptcy In New York

Finance-related stress is one of the most common stressors many people find themselves falling victim to. As soon as one finds themselves in debt, it can often snowball since interest payments, and credit can make it increasingly difficult for you to dig yourself out of what may even have begun as minor debt levels. Additionally, the incessant and seemingly never-ending calls from creditors and debt collection agencies only serve to make the problem worse, leading many peoples to ignore their phone and their financial situation right along with it. However, there are remedies available to curb these issues; you just need to know where to look.

While many people choose to ignore these issues until it becomes impossible, it is always better to seek the help of an experienced professional. You may even be surprised about the options available to you! When speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer like John Lehr, P.C., Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney, the process of bankruptcy and its various chapters can be explained, allowing the process to become much less overwhelming and complex. From chapter 7, which allows for the liquidation of the debtor’s assets to pay down debt, to chapter 11, which allows most often businesses to reorganize in response to debt, and chapter 13, which can set up a payment plan over the course of three to five years, speaking with a bankruptcy attorney knowledgeable in each category is the start of the progress, regardless of the situation you have found yourself in.

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Drowning In Debt?

Filing Bankruptcy Is The Solution

Drowning In Debt?

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7

Generally, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is used for individuals who do not have enough disposable income to qualify for chapter 13. It appoints a trustee to appraise and liquidate assets to pay creditors and discharge one's debt. However, there are some exceptions to property which may be liquidated, and in many cases, the fear of being left empty handed after a chapter 7 bankruptcy can be forgotten when speaking to a knowledgeable attorney. While every situation is different, many of the points of confusion or apprehension you may hold can be cleared up when speaking with a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. Read More

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is typically called the reorganization chapter, or reorganization bankruptcy. While it is still occasionally an option for individuals, it is typically reserved for larger organizations like businesses, with more capital and assets to be manipulated. Since this chapter is often incredibly complex and requires in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy regulations and procedures in New Hyde Park, New York, it is imperative to find a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney as quickly as possible once you decide this is the correct option for you. By working with an attorney, you can ensure mistakes will not be made that will not cost you time or money or even set you back to where you started. Read More

Chapter 13

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an individual will have the opportunity to propose a payment plan that will span the course of typically three to five years, after which their eligible debt will be discharged, and they can achieve the financial fresh start they've been hoping for. First, however, it is critical to enlist the help of an experienced chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in New Hyde Park, New York, since it can be complicated to determine if you are eligible for chapter 13 bankruptcy. To make this determination, a test will be conducted to measure one's disposable income, and if they meet the criteria, a plan can then be formulated and negotiated to begin paying down the debt. Read More

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Foreclosure Defense

Once someone has fallen behind on their mortgage payment, it can feel next to impossible to catch back up and become current. However, sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the issue will only worsen the problem. The sooner you can enlist the help of a foreclosure defense attorney, the more options that may be available to help you and your family. John Lehr, P.C., understands how overwhelming it can feel facing down a possible foreclosure, so rest assured everything that can be done, will be. Call our office in New Hyde Park, New York, as soon as possible to get started.

Civil Litigation

Many of the matters mentioned above require the skills of a seasoned and knowledgeable civil litigation attorney to be navigated successfully. From negotiating a payment plan under chapter 13 bankruptcy to fighting for your rights if necessary, during a foreclosure defense, the tools and experience gained over 15 years of helping clients just like yourself will be put to good use. When working with Attorney Lehr, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and your civil litigation matter will be handled effectively and efficiently.


Do you need a lawyer to file bankruptcy in New York?

What To Do Now!

If you have found yourself struggling financially and are unsure of what to do next or the best steps to take to begin remedying the situation, call John Lehr, P.C., Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney, as soon as possible. With an office conveniently located in New Hyde Park, New York, scheduling a consultation is often the best way to proceed. During this discussion, we can examine your current situation, goals you have in resolving the dilemma and get to work determining the most practical next steps to take.

In situations like those discussed previously, ignoring them will often only serve to make them worse. However, the sooner you can get a bankruptcy or foreclosure defense attorney involved, the more options you may have to resolve your situation. So, call today to get started on a solution and find the financial fresh start you’ve been looking for!

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