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Breach of Contract

Minor and Material Contract BreachersWhat Constitutes a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract occurs when the terms agreed on by involved parties are violated. The violation can be relatively inconsequential, such as late payment, or more significant, such as failing to deliver a pre-purchased asset. Contracts are legally binding and do hold weight in the court of law. However, there is room for interpretation. If you are involved in a breach of contract dispute, reach out today. We can defend your best interest, whatever side you’re on.

There are two main types of contract breaches: minor and material. A minor breach occurs when the product or service is not delivered by the agreed-upon due date. A material breach occurs when you receive a product or service different from what is outlined in the contract. We understand the nuances of each, and we build high-impact cases that cater to your unique circumstances. We capitalize on every opportunity to defend your best interest, so reach out today.

Let’s Find a RemedyLet’s Find A Remedy

Negotiation is key to establishing an agreement and remedying a breached contract. However, if you and your opposition disagree, litigation is your next step. If you are the non-breaching party, you can sue. And if the court verifies the breach of contract, the breaching party will be liable for damages. Our team is committed to helping you find a just resolution. Start the process by scheduling your first appointment.

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